Teacher wellbeing

Teacher wellbeing is key

The wellbeing of teaching staff is of paramount importance at HMC independent schools.

Common practices to support teacher wellbeing exist across many HMC schools. These may include:

  • Collegiality, where staff with strong professional relationships work collaboratively and effectively together.
  • Structured guidance to support teachers’ professional performance and career progression through annual appraisals, which take into account staff wellbeing.
  • Staff wellbeing groups focussing on mental health/wellbeing.
  • A member of a school’s senior management team with specific responsibility for overseeing staff wellbeing, in addition to support from the school’s HR provision.
  • Opportunities for flexible working.
  • Social events for staff members are organised regularly.
  • Free gym membership with access to fitness/yoga/mindfulness classes.
  • Private health insurance included in renumeration packages in some roles as careers progress.
  • Opportunities for subsidised housing in boarding schools.
  • Fee remission for teachers’ children.
  • Support and/or training to develop resilience for staff members and school support during personally challenging times.
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