Teaching in world-leading independent schools

Teaching is an enormously rewarding profession with the opportunity to inspire and enrich the lives of young people.

HMC schools are thriving, leading independent schools which pride themselves not only on providing a wonderful experience for their pupils but an environment where you could flourish in a teaching career – teaching subjects you’re passionate about – and professional development and career progression are encouraged.

At HMC schools there are fantastic opportunities to train to be a teacher – gaining skills, experience and professionally recognised qualifications, for newly qualified teachers and for those further along on their career journey.

Independent school jobs enrich working lives and the wellbeing of staff in HMC independent school teaching jobs is of paramount importance.


Independent school vacancies

There are independent school vacancies across HMC schools. Independent school jobs give you the opportunity to benefit from first-class teaching resources and learning environments to enhance your teaching career in an HMC school.

Pupils in HMC schools enjoy a personalised approach to learning and benefit from a wide range of co-curricular activities across the arts, sport and more, which teachers are encouraged to enhance with their own passions and interests.


Independent school teaching jobs

Independent school teaching jobs involve teaching motivated pupils in manageable groups, getting to know each pupil and how they learn.

A passion for the subject you wish to teach and a commitment to helping each child to achieve his or her potential are key to independent school jobs at HMC schools.

Independent school vacancies in HMC Member schools lead to long, successful and fulfilling careers in teaching.


UK independent school jobs

Individual and distinctive, there are over 300 HMC Member schools in the British Isles which have a worldwide reputation for leading the way with outstanding academic performance across a broad range of subjects.

“I felt there was more to a career than I was getting from my last job, so I turned to teaching and have never looked back”
- Adam Lambert, head of physics, Blundell’s School
“Sometimes the most rewarding element is taking a student who is lacking in confidence and helping them to believe in themselves”
– Jess Thackray, drama teacher, Berkhamsted School
“I absolutely love teaching, there’s nothing else in the world I’d like to do more”
– Roxanne Irani, biology teacher, King Edward’s School, Birmingham
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