Teach the subject you love

Teach your specialist subject to a high level

At an HMC independent school you can focus on teaching the specialist subject you love to a high level.

Pupils in HMC schools embrace learning and their positive behaviour and application are reflected in outstanding exam results. Nearly two-thirds of GCSE entries at HMC schools were awarded an A/7 or higher – more than three times the national average. At A level, close to half of entries last year received either A* or an A – almost double the national average. Some HMC schools offer other distinctive qualifications including the International Baccalaureate, the Pre-U and a number of vocational courses.

A total of 95% of pupils in HMC schools go on to higher education, with a quarter of these going on to UK top ten universities.

In HMC schools, teachers thrive on working in a liberated environment where they have the flexibility to use programmes of study to devise their own distinctive lesson plans.

There’s a broad range of subjects in HMC schools, including the opportunity to teach many subjects to small classes where demand is not as high as for other subjects e.g. classics and a range of additional modern foreign languages.

"The negativity that occupies much of the talk about the teaching profession just doesn’t seem to apply in my case. I've taught class after class of bright pupils, eager to learn. Teaching is intellectually stimulating and highly rewarding; if there's an occupation I would enjoy more, I am yet to find it."

Daniel Griller,
maths teacher at Hampton School.
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