Personalised learning

Meeting pupils’ needs in the classroom

HMC independent schools pride themselves on enabling a personalised approach to learning.

Teaching well behaved, motivated pupils in manageable groups is key at HMC schools.

Teachers dedicate time to each child, getting to know their personal strengths, weaknesses and learning styles, ensuring their individual needs are met.

HMC schools offer specialist subjects such as additional languages, classics and further maths to small groups and provide great flexibility with GCSE and A level choices – running small classes if there is demand.

When all subjects for pupils aged 11-16 and 16-18 (sixth form) are taken into consideration, the staff-pupil ratio in HMC schools is one teacher for every nine pupils.

"Pupils naturally have different needs and skills. Teaching manageable groups and working with pupils individually aids their learning and the fun we have in the classroom."

Sarah Angove,
head of French, Oakham School.
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